There is good news for those of you who like adventure travel. There is an ATV games that use services Quad Bikes Bali that can refresh your adrenaline.
This ATV game is an adventure tour that uses a four-wheeled motorbike with challenging tracks. ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is specifically designed for extreme sports.
The ATV tour in Bali itself passes through various special tracks with slippery, muddy and winding roads. The sensation is certainly different from driving an ATV on a flat and smooth surface.

The Excitement of ATV Ride in Bali

Bali ATV is a game that is often a destination for tourists while on vacation in Bali. This activity is very challenging and can also be done together with the whole family.
For those of you who are nature lovers, of course you really like this activity because you will explore forests, rivers, rice fields, to villages within 1 to 2 hours. Usually you will be presented with a view that is no less epic when riding an ATV. Moreover, Bali’s natural wealth is full of unparalleled beauty.
If you are still a beginner, don’t worry. When you ride an ATV, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will make the trip even safer and more comfortable.

5 Recommended ATV Bali Tours

There are lots of ATV tours that can use Quad Bikes Bali, you must try them for the fun. Here are recommendations for ATV tourist spots in Bali specifically for you extreme tourism lovers, see below!

1. Kuber Bali Adventure ATV

The first ATV ride is Kuber Bali Adventure. This place is a popular ATV tour and much enjoyed. In this place you will be taken around the rice fields, villages, down the valley towards the forest, then head towards the river and enjoy natural waterfalls.
The most popular attraction from Kuber Bali is the ATV track, which is the longest natural tunnel in Bali.
There is something more unique, Kuber Bali provides lunch facilities for visitors provided at the restaurant. This restaurant is right in the middle of the rice fields so it gives a beautiful and calming impression while enjoying lunch.

2. Silakarang ATV

You can use the Quad Bikes Bali while go around Silakarang which is located in Ubud. This place has quite a challenging track. Silakarang Ubud itself is in the Singapadu area which is one of the tourist village locations.
This village’s varied terrain, which includes mountains and a rural setting, adds to the enjoyment of ATV riding activities.
Silakarang has green rice paddy tracks, small rivers, cliffs and one of the hit spots from ATV tourism is waterfalls and dragon head caves.

3. Jambe Asri Adventure ATV

Even though it is relatively new as an ATV tour, it does not mean that the quality of Jambe ATV track can be doubted. Jambe ATV Adventure offers an experience that will be exciting and unforgettable for you. This ATV track is located in Gianyar Regency, Bali.
Here you will cross residential areas and be able to interact with them, then pass through rice fields to muddy tracks, and down the river until you meet a waterfall and a ditch. The journey then continues by crossing the middle of the cliff and entering the tunnel.

4. Balaji Adventure ATV

The next recommended ATV tour is Balaji ATV Adventure. Balaji Adventure is one of the most popular ATV places in Bali. You can use Quad Bikes Bali as a professional ATV service.
The location of Balaji ATV Adventure is in a remote area in northern Ubud. Even though it is remote, the track offered is very challenging and long. You can enjoy ATV tours approximately two hours.
You will be invited to tour through muddy roads, rice fields, rivers, forests to traditional Balinese villages that are still natural so that your trip is not monotonous. You will also pass through puddles and enjoy views of the surrounding hills.

5. Aussie Bali Adventure ATV

ATV trips are not only in forests, waterfalls or rivers. You can also enjoy the beauty of the beach while riding an ATV. Aussie Bali Adventures is a place that you can visit when you want to play ATV on the beach.
Aussie ATV is located on the coast of Tabanan Regency, Bali which offers a charming black sand beach. This ATV ride has a long and exciting track.
You will pass a track that can be completed in 2 hours and guided by a professional guide and equipped with safety equipment. Apart from the beach, you will also enjoy the green views of the rice fields.

Those are 5 lists of ATV tourist attractions that you can visit while in Bali, you can use the services of Quad Bikes Bali to accompany your trip. You can feel the excitement and adrenaline rush if you ride the ATV spots above.
The most important thing when riding an ATV is safety. Make sure your safety device is installed properly.