Whenever you are looking for a holiday retreat, Bali has a lot to offer, from the beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch far and wide, to the forest and green mountain at the center of Bali Island, and the distinct culture you can’t find anywhere else in the world. If you want to find out the brand-new adventure, and trips, then you have come to the right place, here in Kuber Bali camp adventure, and Quadbike ride.
Here, we offer you the ATV quadbike adventure package that will let you ride the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle through the jungle of Bali, windy long caves, and waterfall. It is one of the most challenging activities you can find on our trip to Bali Island, and you will need a lot of courage, and pumped-up adrenaline in your body. So, whenever you are looking for the thrill of adventure, do not forget to mention the Kuber Bali trip, and tours.

The Kuber Bali ATV Trip and Adventure

If you are looking for affordable trip adventures, but also memorable adventures you and your family will always remember, then make sure to see us here in the Kuber Bali ATV adventure. Here, we offer you the quadbike adventure through the lush jungle of Bali, through the long trekking cave, mountain scenery, and green lush rice terraces, and enjoy the beautiful Balinese countryside.
The ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) also known as the Quad bike, are four-wheeled bike that is specifically designed to handle all-terrain with ease, from the rocky path, paved paths, to the bumpy jungle ride, muddy river, and sandy beaches, all of them can be handled with the ATV quadbike with ease.
The experiences of riding an ATV are surely memorable, as you can see here, now you will surely choose the best, and most memorable trip of the Bali adventure. Our quad bike adventure will start from Kuber Bali camp, located in Ubud cultural village, Bali. Here, you can enjoy the scenery of the mountain village of Bali, with the beautiful lush green rice paddy terraces, and pristine green forest.

What You Will Get from The Kuber ATV Trip and Adventure

The Kuber ATV trip offers you the adventure of a lifetime with the quadbike, traveling through the Bali jungle, trekking through the cave, and through the beautiful countryside of Bali Island. It features more than 9 Kilometers of trek using the ATV quadbike, high powered quad motorcycle that will handle all the terrains with ease. Complete with the safety equipment, as well as a professional instructor.
Here are features, and itinerary that you will get from our services at the Kuber Quad Bike ATV adventure in Ubud:

  • Trip with the high-powered quad bike through the countryside of Bali Island, lush jungle, and waterfall.
  • Professional instructor
  • Professional local drivers if you need help driving a quad bike
  • The international standard for the safety equipment
  • Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping challenge for more than 1 hour through the jungle and cave. You will also experience the scenery you have never seen before in the Balinese mountain scenery.
  • Refreshing beverages and delicious Balinese lunch at the campsite
  • Pick up and drop off services that you can use, we can pick up our clients in the Ubud village in Bali, or hotel near them
  • At the end of the ATV trip, we provide a towel, showers, and clean-up, make sure to bring spare changes.

These are the features and itinerary that our package trip will provide. We also provide booked packages for single, or tandem packages. We have discounted, and different prices, so refer to our website and social media if you would like more information regarding discounts, and packages. Make sure to leave a comment, and helpful critics so we could always improve our services.

The Price for The Kuber ATV Trip In Ubud

There are two options for the Bali Quad Bike at Kuber camp adventures, here are the two options, the Single, and Tandem packages. Take note, that any transaction can be done with a deposit, as well as a bank transaction. We accept many digital wallets too. We receive deposit payment, and if you have transport on your own, and would like to just rent ATV, you can order for ticket package without transport.
Simply put, we will bring you a rented ATV to your hotel location, and then you can go on an adventure with it, be it your free roam all around Ubud village, or take part in the Kuber campsite outbound and adventure. Whenever you are requesting a hotel transfer, pick up and drop off, you can ask our private services that could help you.
Keep in mind, that our pick-up and drop-off service is only limited to Ubud village or hotels near them. These are the prices for both Single and Tandem packages:

  • Kuber ATV Adventure Single package prices: Single IDR. 600.000 per person, complete with the single ride one quad bike, refreshing beverages, and 1 hour of trekking through the jungle, along with professional help and instructors.
  • Kuber ATV Adventure Tandem package prices: Tandem IDR. 850.000 per two people, complete with one quad bike for two persons. Price is discounted per two persons, complete with refreshing beverages, and lunch in the Kuber camp. Whenever you need professional help and an instructor, we can help you with that.

The Kuber Bali ATV Adventure Trip

Bored from just the usual beach trip, and wanted to spice up your vacation in Bali, you will need to try out our Bali Kuber Quad Bike adventure. We offer you the adventure through the pristine Bali jungle, with a waterfall and caves. What is the best way to enjoy the beautiful Bali countryside scenery? Through the thrilling adventures with Quadbike in our Kuber ATV Adventure of course.
If you have any questions about the booking for the package or wanted to pre-book for your vacation, make sure to contact us on our social media services. If you have any questions regarding the tour package, then you might want to contact our customer services for the Kuber Bali Quad Bike Adventure.

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