When you have a vacation in Bali, there are many interesting tourist spots that you can visit. However, if you are a lover of extreme activities, it won’t be complete if you don’t try an ATV ride. Quad Bike Bali provides it all for you at an affordable price.
You can try to pass through several predetermined trajectories according to your abilities, such as tracks for beginners, semi adventure, and adventure. ATV ride tracks generally pass through tunnels, rivers, rice fields, muddy tracks, up and down through steep roads.
Before leaving, there will be a complete explanation about safety from the ATV instructor. Your trip, which takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, will always be accompanied by a professional instructor, especially if you are a beginner.

Things to Look for Beginners When Riding ATV in Bali

Before riding a Bali ATV, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things. Even though there are already Quad Bike Bali guides, it never hurts to learn the basic rules first.

1. Use safety equipment

Safety is the most important thing for all those who do extreme activities. Therefore, don’t forget to wear safety equipment that is properly installed.

2. Know the basic techniques of driving an ATV

Even though you don’t have to have the ability to drive a car or motorbike, at least when using an ATV, you must know the basic techniques for driving an ATV.
At the beginning, you will be given instructions on how to ride an ATV, as well as other warnings to keep you safe while driving around.

3. Do not lower your feet to the ground while the ATV is running

It’s dangerous if you lower your feet to the ground while the ATV is running. It’s best if you keep your feet on the ATV’s footing so your feet don’t get crushed by the ground. Especially considering that the track that the ATV goes through is quite extreme.
To maintain balance, you can lean in the opposite direction with an ATV-like status. Suppose the ATV is tilted to the right, then your body is tilted to the left or vice versa.

4. Follow the guide of the tour guide properly

The Quad Bike Bali tour guide will give you good and correct directions for your safety while traveling around using the ATV. They will make sure everything runs smoothly and provide useful guides for you.
Don’t let you drive an ATV at high speed and get off the predetermined track path. These things are very risky for your safety.

Tourist Attractions You Can Choose By Riding An ATV

To make it even more exciting, apart from going around on an ATV, Quad Bike Bali will also provide other extreme tours that you can choose from, such as:

1. Kuber Bali Adventure ATV

Kuber Adventure ATV will give you a memorable and unforgettable experience when you try Bali Quad Bike.
This adventure is located in the village of Ubud. You can adventure through the natural beauty of green, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rice fields, and the longest cave in Bali for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes using an ATV.

2. Bali Dirt Bike

This Bali Dirt Bike Tour is suitable for you who like to ride motorbikes on extreme roads. For the best time to try this one activity, choose during the rainy season between December and March.
The track itself is in Kintamani and some parts of the track may feel slippery due to rain, muddy and steep. This will provide a pleasant experience while driving.

3. Bali ATV Tour and River Tubing

If you are a lover of activities in the water, this one is for you. In the morning, you can try river tubing to boost your adrenaline.
After that, you will be invited to ride an ATV for about two hours through villages, rice fields, bamboo forests, plantations, rivers, caves, waterfalls and other beautiful panoramas.

4. ATV Tour and Bali Swing

Before trying the Bali Swing, you will drive on an ATV for 2 hours to get to the Bali Swing location in Ubud. You will be spoiled with beautiful panoramas of nature, such as rice fields, plantations, forests, rivers, etc. while heading to the location.
After resting, then you can try the Bali Swing at an altitude of 35 meters from the ground. This is an activity that is the main spot of this tourist spot. To be able to try it, you need a strong mentality and guts.
Remember, don’t miss visiting the places above when you go to Bali. The experience you get with Quad Bike Bali will definitely make you addicted to wanting to get your adrenaline pumping again.

All the activities on the list above are always accompanied by experienced instructors. Your safety is their main concern. Just make sure you follow all the directions of the tour guide properly and don’t get off the path provided.