Traveling is fun when filled with new and fun activities and experiences. Bali, which is a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, provides a new experience for traveling, which is Quad Biking Bali. Activities that provide new experiences in enjoying holidays with family, colleagues and relatives have recently become popular activities among tourists.

What is Quad Biking Bali?

Quad Biking Bali or often referred to as Bali ATV Tour is a choice of outdoor activities that you can do while visiting Bali. What is done in this activity is adventure tourism by driving in the wild on a 4-wheel motorbike through rice fields, mud, rivers, forests and valleys. You don’t need to worry because this activity will of course be guided by a professional and experienced ATV guide so that your adventure will be safe and enjoyable.

Kinds of Quad biking Bali activities

As previously mentioned, activities in Bali ATV tours in general are adventure tours along rice fields, mud, rivers, forests, and so on. However, this activity still depends on the location of the Bali ATV tourism activity provider because basically one location and another will have different natural conditions, so this adventure along nature using an ATV or Quad Bike will differ according to the location you choose.

1. Quad Biking Bali Ubud

For example, one of the popular locations is ATV Bali in Ubud. Ubud is known for having beautiful natural landscapes with views of the hills to rice terraces and rivers that amaze visitors. Therefore, when you choose Bali ATV tourism activities in Ubud, you will enjoy an extreme adventure by riding a 4-wheeled motorbike through rice fields, past waterfalls, into caves, and across swift rivers. You will also get experience entering the forest area and also drifting in the mud area.
It has a route length of about 3 – 8 kilometers with a cruising time of around 1.5 – 2 hours. Don’t worry, because all of these activities are safe for beginners, because here they offer the level of difficulty of the paths that are passed for tourists who want to experience adventure using a Quad Bike or ATV, namely special paths for beginners and extreme routes. The riding option also offers two options, including ATV for 1 person and ATV for 2 people (tandem).

2. Quad Biking Canggu

If previously in Ubud you would be presented with an ATV adventure tour by exploring areas starting from rice fields, waterfalls, caves, forests, to mud pools, it will be different if you choose an ATV adventure in Canggu, Bali. Canggu, which is close to the beach, will offer an adventurous experience along a track with views of the beach. You will take a route along the village to the Yeh Gangga Beach line which is known as a black sand beach in Bali and has stunning panoramic views. On this route, you will be able to see the activities of fishermen, surfers and racing against the waves.
Then after crossing the coastline, you will follow a fairly challenging path until you reach a cliff that offers views of the coastline and Batu Bolong Temple which is on a large rock in the middle of the sea. You can enjoy the Quad Biking Bali route in Canggu with a cruising time of around 1 to 2 hours.

3. Quad Biking Kintamani

Quad Biking or ATV in Kintamani also presents an adventurous experience using a different 4-wheeled motorbike. The Kintamani area is known for its many unique restaurants and cafes that offer views from the foot of Mount Batur. ATV trips in Kintamani will give you the experience of riding an ATV or Quad Bike in the middle of a sea of black sand at the foot of Mount Batur.
The vast expanse of black sand is the main attraction for ATV tourism in Kintamani which makes it quite an adrenaline-pumping arena with lots of sand dunes that add to the sensation of a challenge here. The route Quad Biking Bali in Kintamani along the area will be taken in about 2 hours by walking along the stretch of black sand and remnants of volcanic rock at the foot of Mount Batur.

Riding Tips


If you want to experience an ATV adventure tour in Bali with a wide choice of different locations and areas, you don’t need to worry if you’ve never ridden a Quad Bike or ATV before. There are professional and experienced guides who will help you. As well as some short tips for riding a Quad Bike, such as getting to know the operation of the vehicle, maintaining balance by leaning in the opposite direction from the tilting direction of the vehicle, and using safety equipment.
That’s some information about Quad Biking Bali for those of you who want to do exciting and fun tourism activities.

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